The Courage of Senator Joe Manchin

The Courage of Senator Joe Manchin

America would be a lot better off if more leaders spoke with the courage of Senator Joe Manchin.

In announcing last week that he registered as an independent, Senator Manchin said both political parties are leaving our country behind “for partisan extremism while jeopardizing our democracy.”

Tens of millions of Americans feel the same way. Joe Manchin is our champion and voice, and No Labels is proud to have had him as an ally of our movement since the beginning.

Senator Manchin backs up his words, too. He and Senator Kyrsten Sinema are responsible for preserving the Senate filibuster, which is just about the only tool left in the Senate that forces Democrats AND REPUBLICANS to work together. He’s been in the middle—and often in the lead—of shaping every significant bipartisan bill, from the COVID relief bills to the historic infrastructure bill in 2021. In short, he’s been the glue holding the Senate together.

Let's show our support for Senator Manchin's courage. Despite relentless attacks from the extremes, he has earned the enduring admiration of No Labels. Please take a moment to sign on here to commend him for his decision to become an independent leader and for embodying the values of a No Labels leader.