The tossup midterm election races

The tossup midterm election races

Two weeks out from the 2022 midterms the non-partisan Cook Political Report projects, 402 of the 470 U.S. House and Senate races are considered solidly or likely in favor of one party or the other – meaning that a whopping 86% of races are essentially already over.

The remaining 14% percent are still competitive, and they’ll ultimate decide which party ultimately has majority control in both chambers. From the Cook report:

  1. 33 House races and 4 Senate races across 24 states are considered true tossups, comprising less than 8% of all elections this cycle.
  2. Of those 37 races, 13 are for open seats, or new seats based on redistricting from the 2020 census results.
  3. Of the remaining 26 tossups, 6 seats are currently held by Republicans, and 20 seats are held by Democrats.

As of today oddsmakers give Republicans an 87% chance to win the House majority and Democrats a 66% chance to win the Senate, but a victory for either party will likely depend on a strong showing in tossup races. But these are just polls and projections. In the end, voters decide, so make sure you get out and vote!