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These Are the Most Bipartisan Politicians

This week the Lugar Center, named for former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar, released its annual rankings of the most bipartisan members of Congress. The Center measures how often each member of Congress introduced legislation that was supported by a member of the other party, or otherwise reached across the aisle to support legislation introduced by a member from the other party.

Here are the 10 most bipartisan members from the House of Representatives and the Senate:

No Labels is proud to count eight House members in the top 10 who are members of the Problem Solvers Caucus, a bipartisan group aligned with No Labels’ philosophy of working across the aisle to craft solutions to the challenges facing our country. Along with many of the most bipartisan senators, the Problem Solvers Caucus has led the passage of major legislation in recent years, including the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill, the 2022 gun safety bill, and the 2022 CHIPS Act.

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