We care more about the country than the demands of any political party

We care more about the country than the demands of any political party

Healthy disagreement is a good thing in our democracy. Principled debate leads to a better understanding on both sides and leads to better legislation and governance for the nation.

But what was once political opponents disagreeing has now become political enemies trying to destroy each other.

In recent years, factions from both of our parties have been engaged in all-out war against each other on issue after issue, with nothing less than total victory being acceptable. Politicians are encouraged to obey the loudest voices on the extremes, retreat into partisan corners, and draw lines in the sand – you’re either with them, or you’re against them.

If you feel like this mentality is hurting the country, you’re not alone.

A majority of Americans believe both the Republican and Democratic parties are moving to the political extremes, and a majority have unfavorable views of either party.

More than a quarter of Americans are dissatisfied with both parties – the highest rate in four decades.

Political debates in the U.S. are often dominated by Republican and Democratic voices, but what’s missing are the millions of Americans who choose not to align with either party. A September Gallup poll found that 43% of American adults consider themselves independent. That’s more than either Republicans (30%) or Democrats (24%), and one of the highest percentages since Gallup started tracking affiliation.

“Voters are signaling something to us…[choosing nonpartisanship] is a way to express dissatisfaction with the two major parties,” said political scientist Christopher Cooper.

No Labels was founded to offer something different.

We’re not another political party. We’re a home for any American – liberal, conservative, and beyond – who wants our politicians to rise above partisan gridlock and work together to move the country forward.

We’re a platform for millions of commonsense Americans like you to stand as one and tell our representatives to stop giving in to the extremes.

If you share our view that America comes before any political party, please join our movement to overcome the partisan warfare in our politics.