We support, and are grateful for, the U.S. military.

We support, and are grateful for, the U.S. military.

The U.S. military is the greatest in the world. From the fields of Gettysburg to the beaches of Normandy, American troops have answered the call of duty, defending our nation against tyranny and fighting on behalf of liberty, democracy, and freedom.

Today it forms the backbone of a global security network that has allowed the U.S. and its allies to grow together and create prosperity for millions.

The professionalism of our armed forces enables our troops to rise above the political divisions of today and focus on their missions, from protecting vital shipping lanes, to leading humanitarian missions, and taking the fight to America’s enemies.

At No Labels, we are unendingly thankful for our men and women in uniform who wake up every day to keep the world safe. The American people agree.

Even as the public’s trust in our major institutions – like Congress and the media – has declined, people continue to trust in the basic integrity and goodness of our military.

That’s exactly the way it should be.

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