What Are the Exit Polls Saying About 2024?

What Are the Exit Polls Saying About 2024?

With the midterms in the rearview, many voters are already looking toward 2024 and don’t like what they see.

Exit polling from voters shows 73% of voters were dissatisfied or angry with the state of affairs in the U.S. 72% of voters think the state of the economy is ‘not so good’ or ‘poor’. And 68% of voters think democracy in the U.S. is at least somewhat threatened, including 36% who feel it’s ‘very threatened.’

And voters aren’t happy with the presumptive landscape for the 2024 election. A majority of voters had unfavorable opinions of the Republican and Democratic parties, and viewed each party as having extreme views.

America saw a strong turnout this election, and it’s clear they’re not happy with their options. That’s why No Labels is building a movement to create a different kind of politics. Join us.