What's next

What's next

Although No Labels has ended our 2024 Unity ticket project, our 14-year effort to empower America’s commonsense majority continues. We have spent the last few days speaking to hundreds of our most dedicated supporters and they believe we are stronger than ever and that this movement has the ability and responsibility to unite our country.

No Labels has identified several problems – including the pernicious influence of the extremes, the increasingly anticompetitive behavior of our two major parties, and Washington’s inability to address America’s most serious challenges – that will get worse if we do not redouble our commitment. We need the engagement, energy and ideas of the entire No Labels community, which is why our team has already identified several key areas where you can be active in the critical weeks and months ahead.

  • Advocating for Common Sense Solutions in Congress: Washington has dithered for months over bipartisan legislation that would combine investments in border security with urgent aid to our allies in Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Fortunately, it does appear legislation may finally head to the House floor in the coming days. When it does, No Labels will mobilize every ounce of organizational energy and influence we have to advocate for its passage. We have been in regular contact with our close allies in the Problem Solvers Caucus who have been working to advance this legislation – including Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick and Jared Golden – and we will very soon ask you to call or email elected officials and recruit friends and family to get a bipartisan bill over the finish line.
  • Fix the Broken House Rules:In 2018, No Labels released The Speaker Project, a proposal that called for several reforms to House rules to diminish the power of extremists and make it easier to advance and pass bipartisan legislation. Several of our proposals were implemented in the 2019-2020 Congress. but these reforms have now lapsed. No Labels will once again begin advocating for rule changes, like eliminating or reforming the “motion to vacate” tactic that is currently being used by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to threaten the Speakership of Mike Johnson. Congress needs better and more courageous leaders but the institution itself also needs to be fixed by ensuring arcane rules and procedures don’t make it impossible for Washington to govern. The House votes on a rules package at the beginning of every new Congress so No Labels will begin this drumbeat later in the year to ensure there is support for rules changes when the next House convenes in January 2025.
  • Supporting Common Sense Congressional Candidates: Since our inception, No Labels has empowered our members to support strong, honest and ethical House and Senate candidates with the courage to put country before party. We’re doubling down on these efforts for the 2024 election. In the coming weeks, No Labels will identify candidates who we believe merit the support of No Labels members, including some who are running in Democratic or Republican primaries against far left and far right extremists. We are also excited to support the Senate campaign of former Maryland Governor and No Labels National Co-Chair Larry Hogan. If you are a No Labels member, and would like to support the candidacy No Labels-endorsed candidates, you can do so here. As we move into the general election, you can also expect No Labels to award our coveted Problem Solver Seal to those candidates our community believes best embody the values of our movement. If you have a House candidate you believe is deserving of our members’ support or receiving our Seal, please let tom@nolabels.org know.
  • Hosting Common Sense Debates and Talks: Since the onset of the COVID pandemic in March 2020, No Labels has regularly hosted online forums that feature hundreds of our citizens, leaders and thinkers. Now, we plan to build off this effort with a more ambitious series of Common Sense Talks. It’s already clear that neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden are eager to answer the most serious questions of America’s commonsense majority like how can we:
  • Tackle a national debt that is increasing by $1 trillion every 100 days?
  • Combat the growing foreign policy isolationism on the left and right?
  • Secure our border and create a humane and sensible immigration system?

Well, No Labels is going to ensure these, and other critical questions, get discussed by hosting regular common sense debates and talks. We’ll be inviting a broad mix of people – including House and Senate candidates, pundits and policy thinkers as well as representatives of the presidential campaigns – to participate.

If you have ideas on thinkers or candidates you’d like to participate in our Common Sense Talks, please email liz@nolabels.org.

In recent years, the No Labels movement has grown exponentially. We have more supporters and more ability to shape the national debate than ever before, and we will not let that go to waste.

In the coming months, the most powerful forces in both of our major parties will be seeking to divide Americans because that’s how they win campaigns. This divisive campaign we’re headed into threatens to tear America apart and it’s on No Labels – as the consensus leader of the commonsense majority – to do everything we can to hold this nation together.

We have a lot of work to do, and we look forward to our most committed supporters being right there with us.