Which States Vote the Most?

Which States Vote the Most?

In the 2020 presidential elections, Pew Research estimates that 66.2% of eligible voters turned out to cast a vote.

That turnout rate, while still lagging behind other democracies around the world, represented the highest voter participation in a presidential election since at least 1980.

But turnout was much higher in some states than others.

In 2020, states like Minnesota (80% of eligible voters), Colorado (76.4%), and Maine (76.3%) voted at rates comparable to some of the most active electorates in other parts of the world.

In contrast, voter turnout that year was as much as 25 percentage points lower in states like Oklahoma (55%), Arkansas (56.1%), and Hawaii (57.5%).

Midterm elections typically see a drop-off in voter participation compared to presidential election years, although polls suggest that the 2022 elections are generating historic interest, continuing the record turnout seen in the 2018 midterms.