Why No Labels

We are the voice for the great American majority who increasingly feel politically homeless. We’re not carrying water for a candidate or special interests. And we aren’t creating a third party. But we are laying the groundwork to ensure the American people have a real choice in the 2024 presidential election of someone and empower them to bring our divided country back together and solve our most pressing problems.

For nearly 250 years, through trials and tribulations much tougher than those we face today, America has endured as the world’s greatest democracy — but we agree, our current political situation is not sustainable, and the dysfunction is directly threatening the well-being of the American people.

That’s why we created a rebellious, constructive and growing force of people from all backgrounds in American politics that is breaking through what is destroying our democracy – our Republic. There is no group in America doing what No Labels does.

We seek commonsense solutions, not partisan politics. We are the great American majority who demands cooperation, respect and problem solving from our leaders– not division for the sake of scoring political points. We declare our freedom from the tired extremes that are ruining our politics and our country.

This moment demands leaders—Democrats, Republicans, and independents — all willing to declare their freedom from the polarization that is ruining our politics and our country. Join us! Add your name to the growing list of Americans who demand change, who are saying enough is enough. Be a part of the solution that is fixing American politics.

Our theory for change

No Labels was born In 2010 in the aftermath of the most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression. It was a moment when America desperately needed our elected leaders to come together, but instead they chose to drift even further apart, resulting in the hyperpolarization of today.

The founders of No Labels felt that it was important to create a space where leaders on both sides of the aisle could come together to tackle our common challenges. Back then we started out with a very specific diagnosis of what was wrong with our political system:

  1. The U.S. Congress became an imperial Congress, with the top party leaders dictating the agenda, often completely shutting out committees and rank-and-file members from shaping legislation.
  2. Party leadership seemed more interested in “campaigning” on problems to maintain (or obtain) a majority, resulting in problems never actually being solved.
  3. Congressional party leaders depended on the most organized and partisan members (e.g. Freedom Caucus, Progressive Caucus) to stay in power.
  4. Changing the status quo required a powerful bipartisan coalition of House and Senate members capable of working with leadership to pass legislation when they were willing to, but it also resulted in challengers staking out a different bipartisan vision when they were not in support of bills.
  5. If No Labels could facilitate the support necessary to help elect and elevate problem solvers in the House and the Senate, ultimately we could empower them to push back on the extremes, and when necessary, their own leadership, and push forward bipartisan solutions to America’s toughest problems.

We began as a ragtag band of true believers, marching to a new drum beat of change and we brought that tune to Capitol Hill, with the goal of building a bloc in American politics of pragmatic leaders from across the political spectrum.

But as we went door-to-door, office-to-office, many members just didn’t want to hear our message. Their own leaders controlled all the perks and paths to power – committee assignments, opportunities to speak, access to campaign fundraising and more.

However, a select few members on both sides of the aisle understood what we were getting at. These members realized that they didn’t work so hard to get elected simply to just carry water for their party—they wanted to make a difference both for their constituents and for America. They wanted solutions just as much as we did.

These members understood that the only way to make sustainable change was to begin working with the other side across the aisle. Eventually, with encouragement, they formed in 2017 what’s now called the Problem Solvers Caucus.

The seeds for the No Labels bloc had been planted. And today, that seed is poised to grow and transform American politics.