A Look at America’s Foreign Policy

In this episode, we’ll hear from General H.R. McMaster, who served as a commissioned officer in the United States Army for thirty-four years before retiring as a Lieutenant General in June 2018, after which he served as President Trump’s National Security Advisor. He is now a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Today, he will discuss his recent book, Battlegrounds, which examines the most critical security and foreign policy challenges facing the US.

General McMaster explains that he wrote Battlegrounds in an attempt to bring Americans together in a time of increasing divisiveness that he thinks weakens our country. In the post-cold War era, he claims we have lost our strategic confidence. Americans falsely believed we could indefinitely maintain an era of military dominance, and over the last thirty years, we have transitioned to a pessimistic view of our position in the world. He says going forward, our leaders, at every level, will need a greater emphasis on understanding history in moving forward politically and militarily.

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