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ALREADY DONE: There is still more than a month and a half left in the year, but many think Washington is done legislating until 2014. The House is focused on increasing their oversight over the White House as three different committees are holding hearings or gathering information about the Affordable Care Act's rollout. In the Senate, lawmakers are scrambling to pass bills that have little chance of reaching the House floor, let alone passing. Members of Congress need to remember they were elected to create solutions — not play political games: Jake Sherman and Burgess Everett for POLITICO: Congress seems to be done legislating for the year
IS GOING NUCLEAR AN OPTION? Many are assuming the nuclear option, which would reduce the number of votes needed to pass a nomination from 60 to 51, could be used by the Senate Democratic Majority — but it might not be that easy. “While Democratic senators are again raising the specter of a rule change, it is no longer clear that they have the 51 votes they’ll need to execute such a plan, according to a Democratic leadership aide,” write Michael Catalini and Elahe Izadi. Lawmakers need to work together to find a solution both the majority and minority can agree on: Michael Catalini and Elahe Izadi for National Journal: Do Senate Dems Have the Votes to Go Nuclear?
LACK OF PROBLEM SOLVING: “The mechanics are sound, we are here due to human error. There are plenty of good ideas on all sides of the aisle. The problem is not lack of ideas, it's lack of problem solving … the recent shutdown is proof that partisanship does NOT work,” says No Labels Co-Chair Gov. Jon Huntsman of the current state of Washington. No Labels Co-Founder Nancy Jacobson adds that our leaders are governing from crisis to crisis — and our country can't afford it: Brendan Kelly for The Odyssey: NO LABELS, NO PROBLEMS?
ASK MANCHIN ANYTHING: No Labels Honorary Co-Chair Sen. Joe Manchin is hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. Be sure to ask him questions about being a Problem Solver.
ICYMI: Political strategist Charlie Black joined No Labels Radio to discuss our Make the Presidency Work! action plan. Check it out now.
MAKE GOVERNMENT WORK! Gov. Jon Huntsman will be talking about our Make Government Work! legislative package this week on No Labels Radio with Jon Huntsman.Check out the package now and be sure to tune in Saturday at 10 a.m., Eastern time, on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. channel.
THE DAILY BREAK: What are the demographics like in the 113th Congress? Find out here.
STAT OF THE DAYGallup‘s economic confidence was at -27, up two points from the previous week. This is still well below the numbers measured before the government shutdown: Alyssa Brown for Gallup: U.S. Economic Confidence Slowly Rising

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