Building bridges

BUILDING BRIDGES: “There is one group in Washington that believes it is in the best position to bridge the partisan divide hampering many of the decisions in Congress. No Labels is composed of lawmakers and policy leaders of both major political parties … Since its inception, the group has launched several viral campaigns to bring attention to the partisan gridlock in D.C. With a three-pronged mission — Make Congress Work, Make Presidency Work, and Make Government Work — No Labels wants to rid politics of the discourse that confines legislation and hold politicians accountable for failing to do their jobs,” writes Kelly Petty: Kelly Petty for the Independent Voter Network: No Labels to Release National Strategy for Bipartisan Cooperation
POSITIVE SIGNS: While Congress continues to frustrate Americans across the country, Tom Horner and Tim Penny write that there are signs a more cooperative mood may appear in Washington. They point to new voices being heard and leaders being more open on partisan issues, in addition to groups like No Labels gaining more traction. Horner, who served as a chief of staff in the Senate, and Penny, a six-term House member, say that lawmakers getting together and building trust across the aisle is how legislators will come together to address big issues. The Problem Solvers, they write, can teach others in Congress about how to work together and create common-sense solutions: Tom Horner and Tim Penny for the Minnesota Star-Tribune: Has the tide turned against the political divide?
WORKING TOGETHER THIS WEEK: The Employment Non-Discrimination Act received the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster yesterday and is expected to receive final passage later this week. Seven Republicans joined Senate Democrats to pass the bill. It is unclear if the House will take up the bill and whether it would pass: Ramsey Cox for The Hill: Senate advances gay rights bill
WHAT DO WE WANT? The one thing that all Americans seem to agree on these days is that they want “a government that solves problems, not creates them.” Doyle McManus writes for the Los Angeles Times, though, that congressional and presidential messages of working across the aisle have not materialized into any meaningful action. And even though lawmakers insist that the recent shutdown was a partisan failure, most Americans think it is likely we will experience a second round in 2014: Doyle McManus for the Los Angeles Times: A Plague on Both Your Parties
ELECTION DAY: Today is election day. Check out the five biggest things to keep an eye on.
MAKE THE PRESIDENCY WORK! No Labels Co-Chair Gov. Jon Huntsman will be discussing our Make the Presidency Work! action plan on our new, weekly No Labels Radio Show this Saturday on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. channel. Check out the plan here.
THE DAILY BREAK: How did your favorite candy bar gets its name? Click here to find out.
ACTION OF THE DAY: Need a refresher on No Labels? Click here to read our story.
STAT OF THE DAY: Economic confidence dropped 16 points in the month of October, the sharpest monthly drop since Gallup started tracking economic confidence daily. The government shutdown and partisan bickering over the federal debt limit led to this drop: Alyssa Brown for Gallup: U.S. Economic Confidence Plunges in October


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