No Labels Guide to Talking Politics on Thanksgiving

No Labels Guide to Talking Politics on Thanksgiving

Having your turkey with a helping of politics doesn’t have to mean focusing on arguments and partisanship. If you want to have a discussion about Washington that brings people together, there’s plenty of good news to dish out.

Tell your friends and family about the House Problem Solvers Caucus. This bipartisan group of House members has worked together to pass commonsense legislation – like last year’s infrastructure bill – that most Americans can support. With power being divided between Democrats and Republicans in the next Congress, the work of the Problem Solvers will be more important than ever.

Talk to your loved ones about all the things Americans agree about. CBS News has a list of 50 topics where at least 60% of Americans share common ground, from the need for the president to unite our country, to the desire for our elected officials to compromise and work together across party lines, to the recognition that, yes, our country has grown more partisan.

And discuss how Americans want to come together. Exit polling for the midterms told us a lot about the state of the country, from the record levels of disapproval for both political parties to the continuing concerns about our economy. But these elections also show a country that wants to move away from the political extremes, as election deniers were frequently defeated and moderate representatives often won reelection.

Thanksgiving political arguments can blow-up faster than an improperly fried turkey, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Share the word that Americans want the country to come together, and enjoy this special time of year with friends and family.