Problem-Solver’s Daily: Increasing efficiencies

INCREASING EFFICIENCIES: A group of lawmakers are working on legislation to make the government operate more efficiently — and they are quickly gaining support. Problem Solver Reps. Patrick Murphy and Mick Mulvaney have introduced the Regulatory Improvement Act, which would establish a nine-member commission created by both parties and the president and would identify federal regulations that could be streamlined, consolidated or repealed. “The commission would submit the proposed changes to Congress, which would take an up-or-down vote on the entire package. If approved and signed, the regulatory cutbacks would carry the full force of law,” writes Benjamin Goad. So far the initiative has attracted two dozen lawmakers with membership split almost evenly between Republicans and New Democrats: Benjamin Goad for The Hill: Panel to cut red tape gains Dem support
COMING TOGETHER: Democrats and Republicans are usually divided on health care but don't tell that to former Sens. John B. Breaux, Tom Daschle and Trent Lott. “These three retired Senate powers are combining to push an expansion of tele-medicine as a way to improve health care access and cut costs. They say the idea of using the nation’s growing digital capacity to provide more health care has significant bipartisan support and could be an solution to the partisan schism over the Affordable Care Act,” writes Carl Hulse: Carl Hulse for The New York Times: Ex-Senators on Both Sides of Aisle Join Forces on Health Care
ATTENTION DIFFERENCES: Not only can Democrats and Republicans not agree on solutions to problems, they can't even agree on what issues to focus on: Chris Cillizza for The Washington Post: How Republicans and Democrats are different, in 1 chart
STAT OF THE DAY: Gallup‘s U.S. Economic Confidence Index has remained unchanged at -15 for the week ending May 18: Justin McCarthy for Gallup: U.S. Economic Confidence Stays Flat


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