Problem-Solver’s Daily: Leaders’ meeting

LEADERS' MEETING: President Barack Obama met with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle on Thursday and discussed income inequality, immigration reform and the crisis in Ukraine. “The discussion of immigration and reducing inequality came in the context of the president’s discussions with Pope Francis, according to the official. Immigration has stalled in the House, and the leaders have been far apart on the president’s agenda to combat inequality, including a minimum wage hike and an extension of unemployment benefits,” writes Steven Dennis. Our leaders need to meet more and create shared goals: Steven Dennis for Roll Call: Obama Discusses Immigration, Ukraine With Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell
UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE: The Senate is expected to pass an unemployment insurance extension today, but the House is unlikely to take up the bill: Ed O'Keefe and Wesley Lowery for The Washington Post: The Senate is going to pass an unemployment insurance extension. The House is unimpressed.
SENATE DYSFUNCTION: “The gap between constitutional calling and institutional infirmity has seldom been greater than it is today. One long-serving senator recently told me, ‘The Senate has lost its soul.' He means that the institution has lost its defining, deliberative function. It is becoming circus-like in certain modern and destructive ways,” writes Michael Gerson. Our leaders in government need to return to doing what is best for the country: Michael Gerson for The Washington Post: Our dysfunctional Senate
UNITING A NATION: On this day in 1968, Robert F. Kennedy paid tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., who had been assassinated. Kennedy spoke about the importance of unity within America. “Improvising can certainly be unnerving, especially for politicians who are trained to be risk-averse. But as Bobby Kennedy proved 46 years ago today, we as a nation desperately need leaders who will step out of their comfort zones, and take a leap of faith by trusting the very best of the American people,” writes No Labels Co-Founder Jonathan Miller: Jonathan Miller for The Daily Beast: RFK and the Healing Power of Improvisation
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THE DAILY BREAK: David Letterman announced he will retire from ‘Late Night'. See the top political moments from his show here.
STAT OF THE DAY: Employers added 192,000 jobs in March, but the unemployment rate remained the same at 6.7 percent, according to the Labor Department: Paul Davidson for USA TODAY: Employers add 192,000 jobs in March


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