Problem-Solver’s Daily: Most basic task

MOST BASIC TASK: The basic task of Congress, passing a budget on time, has become increasingly difficult in recent decades. “In recent years, the Senate has rarely considered individual appropriations bills at all, and the entire process has been reduced to an ugly combination of missed deadlines, spending standoffs, stopgaps, omnibuses, minibuses, continuing funding resolutions and even a government shutdown,” writes Carl Hulse: Carl Hulse for The New York Times: Lawmakers’ Modest Proposal: To Pass Spending Bills on Time
IMMIGRATION REFORM: Despite President Barack Obama giving lawmakers a chance to agree to an immigration reform plan this week by delaying any announcements to deportation policy until after this summer, members of Congress have not gotten any closer to reaching a deal: Elahe Izadi for National Journal: Obama Wants to Open a Window for Immigration Reform. Republicans Aren’t Budging.
NO LABELS RADIO: Tune in to No Labels Radio with Gov. Jon Huntsman tomorrow at 10 a.m., Eastern, on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. (channel 124) as he speaks with Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, former Gov. John Engler of Michigan and Robert McNally, former international and domestic energy adviser at the White House. Tweet with us using #NoLabelsRadio!
THE DAILY BREAK: For the first time in more than 50 years, the Scripps National Spelling Beecrowned two champions.
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STAT OF THE DAY: “Economic Policy Institute estimates suggest that roughly 7.1 million jobs need to be created just to return the labor market’s health to what it was in December 2007,” writes Josh Bivens:Josh Bivens for The Wall Street Journal: Three Takeaways From the GDP Numbers


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