Problem-Solver’s Daily: Shrinking majority

SHRINKING MAJORITY: “Structural changes in voters' behavior are making it tougher for either party to amass, much less sustain, a comfortable Senate majority—except in rare circumstances. ‘At this point, the natural division of party strength in the Senate is very close to 50-50,' says Alan Abramowitz, an Emory University political scientist. ‘I think we are going to be seeing small majorities for some time.' Small majorities increase the chances that control of the chamber will flip between the parties more frequently. And that prospect increases the odds that the Senate will see more polarization, less accomplishment—and even more campaign spending,” writes Ronald Brownstein. Rather than being divided, our lawmakers should unite: Ronald Brownstein for National Journal: The Incredible Shrinking Senate Majority
TRADE AGENDA: “President Obama is heading to the Asia-Pacific next week to try and build support for a massive trade deal that is central to his economic agenda and America’s strategic pivot toward the region,” writes Vicki Needham: Vicki Needham for The Hill: Obama seeks boost for flagging trade agenda in Asia-Pacific trip
SANCTIONS RISK: “U.S. fund managers warned this month of risks shareholders could face from current or future Western sanctions against Russia, underscoring the stakes for emerging-markets investors arising out of the turmoil in Ukraine,” writes Ross Kerber: Ross Kerber for Reuters: U.S. funds warn of risks from sanctions against Russia
ACTION OF THE DAY: Didn't catch an episode of No Labels Radio? You can always listen to clips from past shows here.
STAT OF THE DAY: “A substantial minority of U.S. workers say they could go just one week (14 percent) or one month (29 percent) before experiencing significant financial hardship if they lost their job,” writes Jeffrey M. Jones: Jeffrey M. Jones for Gallup: Job Loss Would Quickly Lead to Hardship for Many in U.S.


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