Problem-Solver’s Daily: Tax reform

TAX REFORM: House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp released a plan for tax overhaul Wednesday. “The bill takes on practically every special interest in the tax code. It would end the deduction for state and local sales taxes, trim the mortgage-interest deduction and begin to pare back a number of breaks for higher earners, including for employer-provided health plans and tax-exempt interest,” write Siobhan Hughes and John D. McKinnon. Camp's plan has seen some criticism, but some are optimistic about some early signs. Our leaders need to create a national strategic agenda to solve our nation's problems:Siobhan Hughes and John D. McKinnon for The Wall Street Journal: Ways and Means Chairman Releases Ambitious Tax Plan
MINIMUM WAGE: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid isn’t budging on a proposal to hike the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. But not all of his Democratic colleagues are following their leader on the issue, which is key to the party’s election-year messaging. In fact, moderate Democrats — including a handful up for reelection this year — are weighing support of a more modest increase designed to attract Republicans that could save them from having to oppose a tough bill before November,” writes Burgess Everett. Our leaders need to come to the table and agree on shared goals: Burgess Everett for POLITICO: Some Democrats seek minimum wage deal
PARTY DIVISION: Members of the GOP are angry at Sen. Ted Cruz after he became involved in a fundraising effort for a group that is trying to defeat Republican incumbents who are not considered to be conservative enough. We need our lawmakers from each party to work together and create shared goals, despite their differences: Ted Barrett and Dana Bash for CNN: Cruz angers GOP colleagues – again
PROBLEM SOLVER BIRTHDAY: Happy birthday to Problem Solver Rep. Adam Kinzinger! Watch him speak at our Rally to Make Government Work!
NO LABELS RADIO: Join No Labels Co-Chair Gov. Jon Huntsman's conversation with Sen. John Barrasso, Gov. Jack Markell and Gordon Gray from the American Action Forum this Saturday at 10 a.m., Eastern time, on SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. (channel 124) and tweet with us using  #NoLabelsRadio.
THE DAILY BREAK: Actor Seth Rogen gave a hilarious and touching speech during a Senate hearing yesterday. Check it out.
STAT OF THE DAY: According to Gallup, more than one-third of business leaders agree with the statement “higher education institutions in this country are graduating students with the skills and competences that my business needs”: Preety Sidhu and Valerie J. Calderon for Gallup: Many Business Leaders Doubt U.S. Colleges Prepare Students


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