Have you watched the endless hours of convention coverage and pundits’ play-by-play?

When did governing our nation become more like sport, with a focus on beating the opponent with ESPN-styled media coverage?

Do the parties of “no” and “my way or the highway” no longer represent your personal values and principals? Do you remember when collaboration and compromise were good traits to have as a politician? Do you believe the only pledge politicians should make is to uphold the Constitution, rather than upholding a separate agenda such as the Norquist Tax Pledge?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions and want to be part of the solution, consider supporting the group “No Labels.”

This bipartisan group seeks to bring rational dialogue back to Congress and fix the two-party system, not reinvent it. When I joined No Labels I spoke with a terrific young man, Dan Hoffman, who happens to be from New Rochelle.

I have since discovered that this area has more than 500 members and growing.

No Labels is currently promoting the “No Budget = No Pay” bill, which has over 90 congressional members supporting it. In essence, it is a way to impose a mandate that the two sides must work out a solution for the nation, or not get paid.

When the parties spend more time running against things than working for solutions, we’re in trouble as a nation.

We need a return to respectful, productive dialogue.

Randall Wolf




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