Senators Collins and Manchin Join No Labels

Republican Senator Susan Collins and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin announced today that they will serve as honorary co-chairs of No Labels, a bipartisan group committed to bringing leaders together to solve problems.

Collins, who is serving her fourth term representing Maine and has been ranked the most bipartisan Senator for the past four consecutive years by the Lugar Center and Georgetown University, said she is looking forward to serving as a co-chair.

“Given how divided our country has become, I feel a special obligation to continue my efforts to find a path forward on the many critical issues facing our country,” Collins said.  “Congress produces the best legislation when it is considered through regular order and receives input from both Republicans and Democrats. We must work together to develop responsible solutions and get things done for the American people. No Labels understands this, and I’m glad to be an honorary co-chair.”

Manchin, who is serving his second term representing West Virginia, said he is also eager to step into the co-chair role.

“I have worked across the aisle since the day I arrived in the Senate, and that approach has never been more important than it is now,” Manchin said. “When we understand each other, we can work together. And when we work together, we can help people. That should always be our mission.”

The senators will work with the House Problem Solvers Caucus, a group of 47 lawmakers who are committed to creating bipartisan legislation. Inspired by No Labels seven years ago, the House caucus has worked to bring Republican and Democratic leaders together to provide solutions.

“We are the motivated middle,” said former Senator Joe Lieberman, national co-chair of No Labels. “Our goal is to meet rising political extremism with an aggressive bipartisan push to solve problems. We are offering a responsible way forward.”

No Labels is a movement of committed Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who support leaders who govern from the center and resist the ideological extremes that stain modern politics. No Labels and its allies in Congress are active on health care, immigration, tax reform, and other vital issues.

“We finally have a bipartisan bridge between the House and the Senate,” said Ryan Clancy, chief strategist at No Labels. “With leaders like Collins and Manchin committed to bipartisan action in the Senate, and the Problem Solvers Caucus working in the House, the push for realistic solutions will be transformative.”


Senator Susan Collins, Senator Joe Manchin and members of the House Problem Solvers Caucus

Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 11:30 a.m.

East lawn of the U.S. Capitol, near the House triangle.


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