What Should Happen in the First 100 Days of the New Congress?

In this episode, we open up the conversation to No Labels’ members to discuss what they think should be the top priorities for No Labels in the first hundred days of the new Biden Administration and the new Congress. It will be no surprise that the new president’s first task will be the containment of COVID-19, but No Labels is in a unique position to help determine what comes next.

In the next Congress No Labels’ bipartisan coalition in the House and the Senate could emerge as the pivotal swing bloc. Democrats will have an even smaller majority in the House. While party control of the Senate will not be determined until the January 5 Georgia runoffs, the majority party will have no more than between 50-52 seats. The implication of this new legislative math is clear:

In 2021, Washington will either solve problems on a bipartisan basis or they won’t solve them at all.


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