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One Nation. One Journey.

Before embarking on any journey, you need to know where you’re going. But America has been lost for some time, veering from crisis to crisis with a government in perpetual gridlock.

We hear people say all the time that the nation has to come together. But how do we do it?

No Labels has the answer. With our National Strategic Agenda, we are doing something that has never been done by bringing people across the country together to forge a vision for where America needs to go and how we get there.

Citizens have already identified four big national goals, and in the next year they’ll help find the solutions. The purpose of the National Strategic Agenda is to shape the debate for the upcoming presidential election and ultimately, the agenda of the next president and next Congress.

No Labels will release the full National Strategic Agenda in New Hampshire and Iowa in October 2015. In the meantime, click here to learn more about the agenda and to see how you can get involved in creating it.

Our Story

Since its inception in 2010, No Labels has been working to bring a new politics of problem solving to our government. We were the first organization to call on our leaders to put the labels aside and focus on fixing America’s most pressing problems.

Ours is an organization unlike any other. While many outside political groups are working to push our leaders apart, No Labels is working to bring them together.

No Labels has built a potent network featuring hundreds of thousands of citizens and local leaders across America and almost 100 bipartisan allies in the United States Congress. We’ve developed proposals to reform the workings of Congress, the presidency and the federal government. We’ve had our signature reform ideas, such as No Budget, No Pay, turned into laws passed by Congress.

Now, we are leading an unprecedented campaign for a new National Strategic Agenda. Click here to learn more about the No Labels story.

No Labels has developed four common sense reform plans to improve the functioning of Congress, the presidency, the federal bureaucracy and of political leadership in general. Though these plans address different priorities, the philosophy underlying all of them is the same:

Whether you want more government, less government or something in between, we should all be able to unite behind the goal of better government. Click here to download copies of the respective plans.

Make it Work!

Our nation doesn’t have an agenda. We need one, and Washington needs to hear our call for a National Strategic Agenda loud and clear. Sign on today to helped support this agenda and to be a part of No Labels’ unprecedented experiment in democracy.


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