Who We Are

No Labels is a national citizens organization working inside the Beltway and around the nation to usher in a new era of focused problem solving in American politics. No Labels is for all those who have had it up to their eyebrows with all the petty infighting, party-first agendas and hyper-partisan wheel-spinning that are keeping the government from doing the people’s work.

No Labels is staffed by a volunteer roster of seasoned political campaign veterans with the connections and muscle to get noticed, along with a cohort of eager young go-getters who are determined to make a difference. We’re out to shake up the system and compel our national leaders to get back to the business of solving the problems facing the nation.

Our Strategy

No Labels is currently focusing on these separate but intimately-related initiatives that we believe will dramatically improve the way things work in Washington, rejuvenate America’s ability to get things done and restore our standing as an example to the rest of the world.

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House & Senate Resolutions

Pass House and Senate Resolutions committing Congress to adopt goal-setting as its primary approach to doing business.

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The Four Goals

Compel America’s next president and congressional leaders to agree to pursue four national-majority-approved goals before attempting to draft legislation.

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National Strategic Agenda for the Next President

Develop the No Labels National Strategic Agenda for the Next President –  a “crib sheet” of 50 no-brainer policy ideas that the next President can begin to work on right away – in advance of the Agenda’s Spring 2016 official release.

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Problem Solver Seal of Approval

Increase the ranks of citizens and legislators who agree to goal-setting, the pursuit of the Four Goals, and the idea of a National Strategic Agenda. Legislators who meet these criteria earn the No Labels Problem Solver Seal of Approval.

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Problem Solver Convention

Plan for the October 12 National Problem Solver Convention, a gathering in New Hampshire of congressional Problem Solvers and a celebration of the transformational power of goal-setting, the Four Goals and the National Strategic Agenda for the Next President.