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In the halls of business, government, academia and elsewhere, we have greater diversity of race, gender and ethnicity than ever before -- and our nation is stronger for it. 

But the picture isn’t all rosy. Although Americans are generally more tolerant of who you are, there is a rising intolerance for what you think -- especially about politics.

Too many Democrats and Republicans think nothing of writing off an entire group of people as stupid, evil, treasonous or worse simply because of who they voted for in the last election. This poison has seeped into our nation’s bloodstream, and the infection is most acute in Washington, D.C., where it has afflicted our government with a terminal case of dysfunction and gridlock.

Everyone knows our political process is broken and most everyone is at a loss for what to do about it. There are plenty of smart, sensible reform ideas like getting money out of politics or redistricting reform that, over time, would likely produce a less contentious and more cooperative environment for policymaking. However, efforts like these are tough multi-year, multi-state slogs with uncertain odds of success. In the meantime, we must find a way to start solving problems largely with the leaders and the system we already have. It won’t happen overnight but we must start now.

With power evenly divided between our parties, the choice before us is stark: either Republicans and Democrats find a way to work together to build a better future, or we continue fighting over what remains of a declining country.  

No Labels and the No Labels Foundation believe we have a solution to this crippling dysfunction and gridlock. And, we are promoting a compelling and realistic plan to nurse our government and our nation back to health.

No Labels is a growing citizens’ movement of Republicans, Democrats and independents dedicated to a new politics of problem solving.

We are an organization unlike any other. No Labels is not a centrist or a moderate group. We are liberals, conservatives and everyone in between who believe having principled and deeply-held political beliefs does not require an all-or-nothing approach to governance. In fact, this all-or-nothing attitude is a recipe for a total disaster when you have divided government. Either you work together or you get nothing done.

No Labels has hundreds of thousands of citizen supporters across America, a growing presence on Capitol Hill, and a serious government reform agenda that includes numerous ideas that have already been turned into law or pending bills in Congress.

No Labels’ signature achievement is the recent creation of our congressional Problem Solvers coalition, which features 93members of Congress who are meeting regularly to build trust across the aisle. In July 2013, the Problem Solvers announced their first major legislative initiative, Make Government Work!, which features nine common-sense ideas to tackle government waste and inefficiency.

The No Labels Foundation (NLF) is a 501(c)(3) organization and the educational arm of No Labels. The foundation seeks to convene policymakers, across party lines and at all levels of government, to provide fact based educational programming promoting trust and collaboration.

NLF is spearheading a new initiative on behalf of the No Labels network. This year, we launched a new leadership development program to foster collaboration amongst decision makers at all levels of government. These leaders convene regularly by conference call where NLF features experts and thought leaders to provide meaningful, fact based programming.

On September 17, we will host the inaugural leadership meeting with Republican and Democrat leaders from across the country. This conference will welcome select officeholders and policymakers from the state and local levels of government to join our 100 Problem Solvers in Congress for a series of policy meetings and educational opportunities to forge new relationships across the country. 

More than half of all current members of the United States Congress served as state or local elected officials before their tenures in federal office. As the problems of our country become more acute, it will be critical to have leaders who are willing to come to the table and have productive, solution-oriented conversations. The ultimate and long-term goal of this initiative is to cultivate leaders at the state and local levels who will serve as the next generation of Problem Solvers.

Between No Labels’ citizen-driven advocacy work and NLF’s complementary efforts to bring our leaders together, we are slowly but surely beginning to change the way business gets done in Washington and across the country.

Problem Solvers

  • Andy Barr
  • John Barrow
  • Mark Begich
  • Ami  Bera
  • Sanford Bishop
  • Diane Black
  • Bruce Braley
  • Julia Brownley
  • Larry Bucshon
  • Cheri Bustos
  • Tony Cardenas
  • Robert P. Casey, Jr.
  • Joaquin Castro
  • David  Cicilline
  • Mike Coffman
  • Paul Cook
  • Jim Cooper
  • Jim Costa
  • Rodney Davis
  • John Delaney
  • Jeff Denham
  • Charlie Dent
  • Sean Duffy
  • Elizabeth Esty

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