No Labels is a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents dedicated to a simple proposition:

We want our government to work again.  

The government in Washington is no longer capable of solving the very real problems facing America. Before every election, our politicians make promises about how they will fix our tax system. Our immigration laws. Our schools. Our budget issues. But after every election, these promises are crushed under the weight of the same poisonous rhetoric and hyper-partisanship.

We, the American people, are the collateral damage of this partisan warfare, saddled with debts we can’t afford and an economy that no longer creates enough good jobs with good pay.

The American people have had enough.  

No Labels believes that common sense solutions exist for our national challenges. And we believe that our government should be capable of finding them.  

Most importantly, we know the vast majority of Americans agree with us.  

Unfortunately, all of us are rarely heard above the angry voices of ideologues and extremists on the left and right.

No Labels will be a voice for this silent majority.  

We understand that there are real philosophical differences between Democrats and Republicans. And we don’t expect our leaders or No Labels members to check their principles at the door.  

But philosophy and principle often have little to do with the dysfunction in Washington, D.C., where political games and pettiness increasingly drive the decision-making of our leaders.

The parties have organized themselves into warring clans that value defeating the other side over even the most basic acts of governing, like passing a budget on time or confirming competent people to staff our courts and the president’s Cabinet.

Increasingly it’s not the quality of a leader’s ideas that matter, but the label – Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative – that he or she wears. How else to explain the fact that our political parties now routinely denounce ideas they supported just a few years ago; not because the  ideas suddenly became bad, but because the other party embraced them too?

In most negotiations, when the other side embraces your idea, it is called agreement. In Washington, it is called selling-out or even treason.

Some people have given up hope that this cycle of dysfunction can be stopped. No Labels has not.

Our political leaders respond to incentives, just like everyone else.  In today’s system, politicians who instigate conflict are rewarded with campaign cash and party support. Those who forge cooperation are punished with attack ads and primary challenges.  

If America wants its leaders to think independently and solve problems, the incentives must change to reward them for doing so.  That is why we need to build an organized movement every bit as powerful as the extremes that seek to impose their narrow vision of America on everyone else.Cooperation is not an end in and of itself. It's the only means of solving America's problems.

That is exactly what No Labels is doing. Since our launch in December 2010, No Labels has been building a network of supporters in every congressional district across America, and in Washington itself, to help rebuild our system of self-government – one that works not just for one party or group, but for all Americans.

Hundreds of thousands have joined us already. We need hundreds of thousands more. Will you join us?