Who We Are

No Labels is a growing citizens’ movement of Democrats, Republicans and independents dedicated to promoting a new politics of problem solving.

We are unlike any organization in America. The most powerful interest groups in our nation’s capital work to push our leaders and our political parties apart. No Labels is working to bring them together to forge solutions to our nation’s problems. We welcome all Americans as long as they are willing to collaborate with one another to seek a shared success for our country. This new attitude is what No Labels is all about.

For three years, No Labels has been working to mobilize citizens because we believe that Washington will change only with concerted pressure from people across America. As No Labels has grown and notched many successes, we have developed an increasingly ambitious agenda to break through the gridlock and dysfunction in our government.

Toward that end, we have now organized the Problem Solvers coalition, a group of 93 members of Congress – Democrats and Republicans – who meet regularly with their colleagues from across the aisle to build trust and start negotiating to solve problems. The Problem Solvers coalition is unprecedented – it provides the only large-scale organized forum on Capitol Hill for rank-and-file members to discuss issues with colleagues of the other party.

For the past year, No Labels – led by our Honorary Co-Chairs Governor Jon Huntsman and Senator Joe Manchin – has been recruiting members into the Problem Solvers and working to develop concrete policy solutions that could attract widespread support in Congress and begin rebuilding the American people’s trust in government.

To help empower these Problem Solvers in Congress, No Labels is focused on breaking down the structural problems that push our leaders apart. Toward that end, we have released two comprehensive action plans that are as straightforward as their titles: Make Congress Work! and Make the Presidency Work!

The first idea in Make Congress Work! -- No Budget, No Pay -- gained more than 90 co-sponsors in the 112th Congress and received a hearing in the Senate in March of 2012. As the 113th Congress convened, Speaker John Boehner introduced a version of No Budget, No Pay. While the measure differed slightly from No Labels' original plan, the fundamental concept remained the same: If Congress cannot pass a budget, members will not be paid. On February 4 of 2013, this version of No Budget, No Pay was signed into law.

No Labels’ newest policy reform effort is Make Government Work!, a legislative package that includes nine common-sense bills ranging from improving electronic health records for our military heroes to instituting smarter government procurement practices.

Make Government Work! is a first step with the Problem Solvers -- a proof of concept. If Democrats and Republicans can come together around these common-sense ideas, then No Labels believes it will lay the groundwork for even more substantial cooperation in the months ahead.

This is just the beginning. As No Labels aims to recruit more Problem Solvers, and continues to develop and advocate for common-sense reforms, we will be fueled by a grassroots citizens’ army that is growing every day in number and intensity.

No Labels’ new politics of problem solving is an idea whose time has come.

No Labels’ new politics of problem solving is an idea that is here to stay.

Our Mission

To restore and sustain trust in our democracy

Our Vision

  • The new politics of problem-solving is embraced by a growing number of leaders at the local, state and federal level
  • Common-sense and pragmatic solutions are implemented to improve the functioning of our government and to deal with longstanding policy challenges
  • Opinion surveys reveal gradual increase in citizen approval of Congressional performance in particular and government in general.

Problem Solvers

  • Andy Barr
  • John Barrow
  • Mark Begich
  • Ami  Bera
  • Sanford Bishop
  • Diane Black
  • Bruce Braley
  • Julia Brownley
  • Larry Bucshon
  • Cheri Bustos
  • Tony Cardenas
  • Robert P. Casey, Jr.
  • Joaquin Castro
  • David  Cicilline
  • Mike Coffman
  • Paul Cook
  • Jim Cooper
  • Jim Costa
  • Rodney Davis
  • John Delaney
  • Jeff Denham
  • Charlie Dent
  • Sean Duffy
  • Elizabeth Esty

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