Building a New Coalition of Problem Solvers in Congress


American politics is more unpredictable than ever. Which makes it even more important to have a stabilizing force within our Congress; a bloc of elected officials who combine ideological independence and common sense with a willingness to reach across the aisle to get things done. The creation of such a bloc is the central mission of No Labels – and the reason we developed the Problem Solver Seal of Approval.

Problem Solver Seal of Approval Criteria 

Members of Congress receiving the No Labels’ Problem Solver seal must meet two criteria.

First, members must sign the House (H.Res 207) or Senate (S.Res 199) resolution calling for the creation of a National Strategic Agenda featuring four goals chosen with direct input from the American people:

  • Create 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years
  • Secure Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years
  • Balance the budget by 2030
  • Make America energy secure by 2024

Incumbents’ challengers will not be given the opportunity to apply for the Seal, out of respect for members of Congress who have committed to the No Labels approach to problem solving.

If an incumbent declines to co-sponsor the resolution calling for a National Strategic Agenda, the incumbent’s challenger will have the opportunity to receive the Seal beginning in early September 2016. The challenger must promise to sign on to the congressional resolution if elected and display the Seal on their campaign website. Candidates running in an open election both have the opportunity to qualify for the Seal by meeting the same criteria.

The second criteria for Seal recipients is committing to attend No Labels’ signature post-election 1787 event – named for the year our Founders created the U.S. Constitution.

In Washington DC on December 5th, just one month after the disruptive presidential election of 2016, No Labels will convene a first-of-its-kind town hall meeting, which we expect to include members of Congress and No Labels supporters from across the country.

1787 will offer a critical opportunity for the American people to see and hear our congressional leaders discussing key issues and setting a new tone for the country as a new president prepares to take office.